Featured image via AUC

As of yesterday, Sunday 22nd of March, the American University in Cairo (AUC) started its online instruction program. The decision came after President Abdelfattah Al-Sisi suspended universities and school in Egypt for two weeks beginning from the 15th. That’s why the AUC will take its classes online for two weeks to help hinder the spread of Coronavirus in the country.

The university guarantees its students a smooth shift thanks to its 17-year-old Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT). The centre has been conducting training for faculty members in online instruction and tools throughout the years. AUC also shifted its Spring Break forward last week to begin on the 15th, and throughout the one-week vacation period, the university took the opportunity to test the new remote work arrangements.

Also, students won’t have to sit any exams or graded quizzes throughout the two-week online instruction period; so don’t fret! 

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