Featured image via 9to5Google

From social media appreciation posts to rounds of applause on balconies, our Coronavirus healthcare workers still deserve more. And whatever we do, it still won’t do their incredible efforts any justice. To add to the list of acts of appreciation, Google contributed with a very thoughtful message, not just to healthcare workers, but to everyone still doing their 9-5 jobs to keep our daily lives somewhat close to normal. 

Earlier this month, the famed search engine launched a new Google Doodles series, titled “Thank you, Coronavirus helpers”. In every doodle, the G sends out a heart to the themed E in the end to express gratitude. From an E dressed in scrubs to an E driving a bus, Google made sure to thank doctors, nurses, public transportation drivers, delivery couriers, sanitation workers, researchers, you name it. 

Today is dedicated to food service workers. Check out the thoughtful doodles below.