Featured image via AlRoeya

Over the past couple of days, Egyptian actor Ahmed Zaher was the talk of the internet for his role this Ramadan as Fathy, the villain in Mohamed Ramadan’s series, El Brens. But aside from trending on social media, a voice note featuring the actor and a real estate agent, scolding him for his latest heart wrecking scene, went viral.

(If you’re not watching El Brens or you’re still catching up, there’s a major spoiler ahead.)

Zaher’s killer performance throughout the whole series stole the limelight from the entire cast, including Ramadan himself. But which scene caused all this drama? It was the heartbreaking scene from the 18th episode when Fathy kicked out his brother’s daughter, Mariam, and left the kid on the streets. 

Amidst all the Twitter drama, a voice note went viral; it featured a phone call that Zaher has received from a real estate agent who only called to scold him for what Fathy has done. Zaher laughed and told her that it was Fathy and not him; it was all acting, yet she still went on. “That’s what the director and writer wanted, what can I do about it,” he continued while laughing.

Whether or not Zaher figured out this was recorded, and so he went on, or even if this whole thing was a publicity stunt from AtoZ remains to be seen, but nothing gets away from the fact that Zaher is one of the best actors this Ramadan. At the very least, he deserves to be crowned Ramadan 2020’s best performing villain.