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Egyptian star, Ahmed Malek, never fails to astonish us with his roles and work, but this time, he’s taken going big to a whole new level. Malek’s new, and first film outside of the region, just made it to the famed Venice Film Festival, and we’re super excited!

Everyone’s favourite heartthrob might have missed out on his Aladdin opportunity (which later went to Mena Massoud) due to passport and visa issues, but this one didn’t slip away. Malek landed a lead role in an Australian feature film, titled The Furnace. The young actor proudly co-stars alongside Australian veteran actor, David Wenham, best known for his role in Lion.

Directed by Roderick Mackay, The Furnace follows the adventure of Hanif (played by Malek), an Afghan cameleer who embarks on an adventure with a bushman on the run. Together they outrun the police and seek a furnace that’ll help them remove the mark of the crown from the stolen gold the bushman have in their in possession. 

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Malek was spotted on the red carpet of the prestigious event’s opening ceremony yesterday, and tomorrow, his film will premiere as part of the Orrizzonti Competition.

We couldn’t be any more proud of our young star! Congrats!