Have you ever thought that your whole childhood might be a lie? A lot of us grew up watching the Tom and Jerry cartoon series. While growing up, we always loved Jerry, the cute little mouse, more than Tom, for some reason. However, have you ever asked yourself why? Why were we tricked into loving Jerry and wishing for Tom’s downfall?

Here are 8 reasons that might change your mind about the whole situation.

#1 Jerry is supposedly a dirty house mouse who steals the food and spreads diseases.

#2 Tom is a domestic cat who lives peacefully at his owners’ home.

#3 Tom tries to catch Jerry to get rid of him for the sake of his owners. Doesn’t that make him a loyal pet?

#4 Tom is always blamed for troubles that were actually caused by Jerry!

#5 Tom’s dating life was lame because of Jerry.

#6 Jerry was always provoking Tom and pushing all his buttons. Can you blame the poor cat?

#7 Sometimes, Jerry involved others in his troubles and problems.

#8 Jerry took advantage of the dog by letting him chase Tom. How mean!


At the end of the day, thinking about all of these points, we would conclude that our whole childhood was a complete lie. We were deceived by the cute looks of Jerry and we forgot about the real victim here, Tom. Sorry if this ruins our childhood, but someone had to say something to save the future generations!