500 500’s latest ad is heart wrenching, and is one of those ads that accomplishes its aim swiftly. Since Ahmed Zaki will always remain in the hearts of Egyptians, it only made sense to briefly bring him to the fore of Egyptians’ minds using the ad; an incredibly creative idea to make us all sob endlessly. By the end we were moved to our core to donate.  

The ad begins with a painter painting something we can’t recognise at first, along with a song by Sherine that describes our feelings word by word; it fits the theme perfectly!  Later, several actors were shown reliving many memories with the legend. This scene particularly, painted a picture of how people have sorrowful, but nonetheless beautiful, feelings towards the star.

The ad shows how there is a whole archive of classic films under his name, ones that could entice and teach thousands of aspiring actors. Just imagine that you decided to watch all his movies again, you’ll get lost. You’ll get lost in the way he acts, his creativity, and how smart he was. This ad has left every single person, in every Egyptian household, crying and missing Ahmed Zaki, just the way they miss a loved one who has passed away.

In the end, Yousra announces that they’re accepting donations in order to build a new ward, with his name, at 500 500 hospital.  This ad will strike at the hearts of almost every Egyptian because of Zaki’s battles with cancer, and how it ended his life. Since Egyptians have this strong emotional connection to Zaki, it helps us understand how it feels to be vulnerable to another’s suffering.

When we are that vulnerable, we become more empathetic of others’ turmoil, and feel a need to help. The ad, apparently, was constructed on this, and has succeeded in every way possible. So donate in his name, in the name of anyone you lost, and in the name of humanity. Then rewatch the video and cry with us.


By Sara Mosharef