Before Iftar, all you need is to pass the time, don’t be too shy to admit it. The hidden answer to this annual riddle, is radio drama shows! You might underestimate how funny/entertaining they can be, but they are great.

When you’ve been stuck on your way home for too long, or when your mom surprisingly needs something from the supermarket, the radio will be there for you! As always, actors are masters at making us laugh through the radio, just as much as they do in films and TV series. Since a bunch of radio dramas grabbed our attention, we decided to share the list with you. If you have missed the first few episodes of any of these radio shows, we will have a link of the first episode of each show ;). So tune in on your favourite radio show, forget about your dry mouth, the scorching sun and a long day ahead ‘til sunset.


Lams Aktaf

Lams Aktaf stars the great comedian Ahmed Helmy, along with Riham Abd ElGhafour. Of course, many other great actors have collaborated in each episode; like Mohamed Bizawy and Laila Ezz El Arab. The drama revolves around an ambitious architect called Salah, whose project has been stolen by his colleague. Salah tries to take back his project and fights anything that stands in his way. You can catch the show on Nagham FM, throughout the entirety of the week, at 4:30 pm.


E3trafat Khoukha

Nothing written by Medhat El Adl is ever a bad idea! The show stars two of the greatest actors in our world, Nelly Karim and Mohamed Farrag. The show revolves around a woman called Khairya who has two different worlds; one where she seems really shy and weak, and one where she lives in her own diary and Facebook posts. Tune in on Nogoum Fm daily at 5:10 pm to know what the hell is going on.


El Ala El Kazeba

If you want to laugh, tune in to Ahmed Fahmy and this unique show. The show revolves around a failing drama writer who uses his grandfather’s special typewriter to time travel. Every time he uses it, he finds himself with a problem. Crazy, right? We love it. Don’t forget to switch on Nogoum Fm daily at 4:30 to know where Fahmy will time travel to next.


Lahn Betelo

The master has arrived! If you don’t have any time to watch his TV series, ‘Ard El Nefak, it’s okay, you can listen to his genius radio show. Henedy’s radio shows have always been everyone’s favourite, and everyone is liking this one a lot. Henedy plays different roles in this show, so the entertainment dose is the doubled! It is broadcasted on 90.90 FM every day at 4:00 pm. No need to tell you that this is a show you should not miss.


Kamal Gad Talent

Maged El Kedwani is a talented & funny actor indeed, and this is what he’s offering in this show, alongside the beautiful Hanan Motawea. The story is about a businessman called Gad El Senosy, who has everything he needs and everything he doesn’t. But, as the old adage says, there’s one thing he cannot buy with money – happiness. Will he be able to be happy, or will he stay the way he is? Tune in on 93.7 every day at 4:30 pm and find out.


Resala Ela El Waily

The show stars the stunning Yousra, and if you think this is the same as the movie, then all you have to do is tune in 93.7 FM at 3:00 pm every day to find out. We know some details, but we want you dig for the answer yourselves.


El Kaboo

Mahmoud El Leithy is not just singing in Ramadan this year, he’s acting and on radio! El Kaboo stars  El Leithy and Shimaa Seif, who are supposed to be engaged but the problem is that one of them is a Zamalek fan and the other is an Ahly fan. Do you now understand how funny this show is going to be? The show is on Nagham FM 100.60 daily at 5:00 pm.

By Sara Mosharef