How many times have you wanted to watch a movie but you hesitated? You were scared it might turn out bad, and you’d have wasted two precious hours that you could’ve spent on another movie. What if we tell you there’s someone who watches for you and gives you a viable opinion? It’s online film reviewer Mahmoud Mahdy, everyone!

Mahdy started his career as a program developer after graduating from the Faculty of Computers and Information at Helwan University. He then became General Manager of B1 Creative Studio.

However, his love and passion for cinema made him start his YouTube channel, “Film Gamed”, in 2013. The channel now became one of the most inspiring platforms in the field. It has over 424,000 subscribers and nearly 39,733,347 views. Because of his extremely interesting content, he became a certified critic by the famed American review website, Rotten Tomatoes. He also has his own website and a Facebook page.

Mahmoud Mahdy

Mahdy’s followers always praise him for reviewing movies or series in his fun, yet fair and realistic tone. Many even sometimes watch a one-hour video just to hear his thoughts on a film. “I open YouTube only to watch your videos. I always feel like you’re my big brother who’s just sitting with me on the couch and we’re both talking about our favourite addiction,” Ahmed Hussein, a devoted fan wrote.

TEDx KafrElSheikh got Mahdy as a guest speaker in 2016. They believed he’s an inspiring character that the world needs to know about.

As many requests keep raining on him to review more stuff, he created other shows like “Mahdy Yo7bz”. In these videos, he starts recommending movies, mentioning where you can watch them. Recently, he also added “Ramadan w Ashya2” to his list, in which he reviews some of Ramadan’s series. Of course, these are not the only categories on the channel, you can also find “Trailer Reaction”. This is where he states his expectations based on just the trailer.

We are huge fans of Film Gamed, and we hope you’ll be too. Check out his YouTube channel now.


By Yara Tarek