We'll skip the part about Despacito being the most popular video of all time on YouTube, or that it reportedly ignited a boom in Puerto Rican tourism - partly because the latter is in no tangible way true. But alas, the reggaeton-pop track has dominated airwaves, social media feeds and the world's collective consciousness this summer; naturally, there have been many a pretender tackling it in their own way, including several Egyptian/Arab/Oriental spins.

With Ally Salama and Ahmed Wahba providing fantastic vocals, however, this version might be the best one yet. Based in Canada and the US respectively, the Cairo natives, recruited the talents of comrades, Mostafa Ghoneimy (oud and guitar), AbdelRahman Bagieldin (accordion) and Mareen El Masry (tabla), for the cover and it does what so many others covers have failed to do - keep it's undeniable sultriness intact.

Recorded and filmed at iStudio in Heliopolis, the video - which is posted by Middle East music platform, Underground Spotlight - has already racked up an eye-brow-raising-ly impressive 23,000 views - a number that will almost certainly rise between now and the end of summer. You can check out more of Ally Salama on his SoundCloud page.

By Kalam El Qahaira