The stars and filmmakers of the upcoming Egyptian movie, Taw2am Ro7y, have been teasing fans for a while now with its poster. Having a heart-throb like Hassan El Raddad standing between the two beauties Amina Khalil and Aicha Ben Ahmed on the artwork was more than enough to grab all the attention. But finally, last night, the official trailer dropped, and we now have a better understanding of the intriguing storyline.

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Taw2am Ro7y follows a fiery romance between the characters played by El Raddad and Khalil; it even takes place in the city of love, Paris! Yet, at the same time, Ben Ahmed’s character also seems to be romantically involved with him. Sounds confusing? Well, our protagonist himself appears to be confused and mentally unstable; could this beautiful love story end up being an illusion and a product of his own imagination? Guess we’ll have to wait and see, but not for very long because the movie will be out in cinemas on the 19th of August. 

Aside from the three main characters, the cast also includes Hanan Soliman and the late Ragaa El Giddawy, who fell victim to the Coronavirus. Taw2am Ro7y was written by Amani El Tunsi, directed by Othman Abo Laban, and produced by El Sobky Film Production.