Is this true, or we’re just dreaming? One of the greatest directors in Egypt, aka Tarek Alarian, has announced, through his Facebook account, that he’s up for a second part for WeladRizk! Yes, the movie that made a huge deal in the history of the Egyptian cinema is coming back. When the movie was released in 2015, some people were cursing it and calling it gross, while others loved the plot twist and the ending. Now, we don’t want to disappoint you, but we’re one of the people who LOVED this movie. So when Alarian asked if we’re excited, we just wanted to scream hell yea!


Despite the fact that there is no official word regarding whether or not the sequel will see the same cast, we’re hoping it will! Yes, we know the male actors in this movie have already gone their separate ways and have each managed to become stars in their own right, but having them together again would be epic! Just imagine Mohamed Mamdouh, Amr Youssef, Ahmed Ezz, Ahmed El Feshawy, and Ahmed Dawood again in one movie with the help of the master himself Tarek Alarian.

For those unfamiliar with WeladRizk, it’s about four brothers sticking together through a life of a crime, with their older brother Reda aka Ahmed Ezz wanting to quit. He did in the end, but do you think he’s coming back for more? We’ll have to wait and see what the brothers are up to this time.


By Sara Mosharef