Producers of the film Shaw-Ming just released its poster, announcing that the film will be shown in cinemas next January.

The film sarcastically discusses cheating in thanweya a’mma exams and the phenomenon of leaking the test papers, which has spread widely in Egypt recently.

The name Shaw-Ming is originally a name of a Facebook page that managed to leak the thanweya a’mma exams, gaining popularity during 2019.

The cast involves a group of Egypt’s finest comedians, including Bayoumi Fouad, Salah Abdullah, Nashwa Mustafa, Sami Maghawry, Ahmed Halawa, Tony Maher, Hamid El Sharab, Sarah Darzawi, Ahmed Sultan, and Taher Abu Leila. It is written by Ashraf Hosny and directed by Shady Abo Shady.

Shaw-Ming will compete against seven other films for revenue in the new year and mid-year vacation season. Don’t miss our guide for all the latest movies this season.