The revolution has inspired artists, musicians and filmmakers up-and-down Egypt to shake off the shackles and do what they might not have had the courage to do before - to truly express themselves. Some have taken the uprising and its causes as direst inspiration, while for others, it has given many the chance to address other pressing societal issues.

Both of these things come together for independent film, Hammam Sokhn. Under the direction of Egyptian filmmaker, Manal Khaled, the film has been seven years in the making with up to 150 volunteers having contributed to its partial making.

Inspired by real-life accounts, the film tells the stories of seven women during three particularly intense moments of the revolution and though the film was conceived hours after the first protest broke out, it's been a long road for Khaled and co and after a hiatus, the project is back in production - but they need your help.

Working with complete transparency, the producers have detailed exactly what the money will go towards. With one month left on the IndieGogo posting, the project has thus far collected $5,000 of its $17,500 target to help cover the efforts of the volunteers and borrowed equipment, as well as government licenses and permits among other things.

For more information, check out Hammam Sokhn on IndieGogo.

By Kalam El Qahaira