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Unlike the last Eid vacation, this one’s coming with movies, just like they used to! The trailer for Saheb El Maqam dropped last night, and we’re already hooked; the puzzling storyline, the cast, and the crew behind it were more than enough.

Saheb El Maqam follows a young, wealthy businessman, played by Asser Yassin, who gets into a lot of trouble when his wife, Amina Khalil, has a terrible accident. The businessman then believes that the only solution to his problems is getting closer to God, and that’s when the mysterious character, portrayed by Yousra, comes into play.

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The movie is not just the first Sufi-Egyptian movie, as its writer Ibrahim Eissa described it, but it’s also the first in the history of Egyptian cinema to premier on an online streaming platform before movie theatres. Yes, Saheb El Maqam will first drop on Shahid.net on the 30th of July, right in time for Eid Al Adha.

Aside from Yousra, Yassin, and Khalil, the star-studded cast also includes Bayoumi Fouad, Riham Abdelghafour, Mahmoud Abdelmoghni, Injy El Mokkaddem, and Salwa Mohamed Ali. The film was written by Eissa (as we mentioned), directed by Mohamed El Adl, and produced by Ahmed El Sobki.