Today, the 21st of June, marks the anniversary of the death of an Egyptian actress we all adored; Soad Hosny. Who can forget her beautiful soul, the uplifting songs that we still listen to, and her astonishing roles? Soad left us with tons of memories, and we’re remembering her today with a heavy heart. Yet, we’re glad we came across such an amazing artist.

 Soad Hosny was an Egyptian actress and singer. She was born in 1943 and managed to engrave herself in Egyptians’ hearts, eventually being dubbed “Cinderella of the Arabic Screen”.

In memory of her unforgettable talent, we’ve compiled the following list of Soad Hosny must-watch films. Enjoy!

Khaly Balk Men Zozo (Take Care from Zozo)


The film tells the story of an ambitious woman who wanted to break stereotypes by joining the Faculty of Literature to pursue her dreams. Meanwhile, she was hiding the fact that she’s a bellydancer’s daughter. Her situation gets complicated when her college friends find out her secret. The film is definitely a fan-favourite, especially because of the famous song “Ya wad ya t2eel” that she sang to her lover-boy played by Hussein Fahmy.

 El Zoga El Thanya (The Second Wife)


Soad here plays the role of a wife of a poor man, played by Shokry Sarhan. Their life gets harder when the village’s mayor decides to marry Soad Hosny and forces Shokry to divorce her. The events escalate as Soad swears to avenge her family.

 Sagheera A’la El Hob (Too Young for Love)


Our Cinderella wants to become a singer so desperately that she fakes her identity, and turns herself into a 14-year-old girl. Things get crazier as she ends up having to play her true identity to cover things up. Running between both characters, she falls in love with a director who auditioned her for his movie. Soad tries to keep the secret, but for how long?

Mawa’ed A’la El A’sha2 (Dinner Date)


Soad plays the role of a woman who tries to run away from her ex-husband who’s a control freak, while getting into a new relationship with another man, played by Ahmed Zaki.

Ameert Hoby Ana  (My Heart’s Princess)


The movie follows the story of a woman who gets involved in a relationship with her boss, who’s an unhappily married man. She and her lover, played by Hussein Fahmy, try to keep their relationship a secret, until it leaks.

Which Soad Hosny film is your favourite?


By Yara Tarek