Ramadan series are one of the hot topics that end up being the talk of the town for the entire month. One show that’s been stealing the spotlights is Ahmed El Sakka’s Weld El Ghalaba. However, it’s for all the wrong reasons.

Fans are going mad at how the Egyptian series is so obviously copying the Golden Globe-winning American series, Breaking Bad. As we all know, copying is running in many filmmakers’ blood, as much as this sounds like I joke, a bad one.

Breaking Bad, a 2008 production, was a global phenomenon, both at the time and to this day. The show was an epic, cinematic work of art that has garnered massive global recognition, as well as numerous awards. Copying a work like that does not add to Weld El Ghalaba as much as it ends up being a liability. Here’s how the Egyptian series is failing miserably.

P.S: Spoiler alerts coming your way!

The poster

Seriously? Why couldn’t you be a bit more creative? Yes, many posters have been copied before, but come on, not when you’re copying the plot as well! Take a look at both and judge for yourself.



The plot

So, the story goes as follows. Eissa El Ghanem (AKA Walter White and played by Ahmed El Sakka), is a history teacher (instead of chemistry). Because of financial problems, Walter, I mean Ghanem, had to take a second job (ahh he worked at a carwash) as a taxi driver (wait, what?). The formerly decent teacher “breaks bad” as he goes to jail for a crime he did not commit, which was murdering his sister (wasn’t he diagnosed with cancer?).


It stills gets better. So, instead of the fan-favourite Jesse Pinkman, Ghanem’s partner in crime is a girl called Farah, played by Mai Omar, (wait for it) who happens to be some sort of chemist (PLOT TWIST!). But what are they cooking since we don’t have meth in Egypt? Strox, duh! Throughout the series, Ghanem meets one of the biggest drug lords in Upper Egypt (Gus, is that you?) and he eventually becomes the big boss (all hail lord Heisenberg).

What about the ending? Well, according to Ahram Gate, actress Mai Omar stated that “the ending (Felina) is untraditional and full of surprises”. We all know what’s not traditional to Egyptian watchers, killing the main character! 

The Scenes

So, apparently the filmmakers weren’t just satisfied with copying the plot and the poster. They even resorted to copying scenes. The one below went viral among social media users, but even though it’s copied, it’s not done right. Yes, we know that you guys have been trying to change some bits and bobs, but it seems that the director missed some classes back in school.


Via Rifqi Assaf

The unnecessary, distracting wide shot, the bright lighting, the poor choice of angle, this all weakens the scene. Instead of making the characters stand tall, powerful, and evil, we’re not sure how that should make them look.

Sorry, Sakka, but you’re not the one who knocks!


By Nadine Arab