We’ve seen some serious hashtags trending on twitter and all over the world, but this time something from our childhood is taking a wild spin. Mared is coming back!

If you don’t know who Mared is, then please stop reading, because you don’t even deserve to know. Mohamed Henedy has announced through his Twitter account that he has good news for us: Samir Habib, the man behind Timon and Bomba’s Egyptian dialect dubbing, will also bring back Mared Washweshny.

Mared is Mike Wazowski in the Arabic version of the Monsters, Inc. film, with Henedy the character’s voice. We all remember every word and punch line that Henedy said in that movie. Henedy tweeted asking everyone to choose a scene from Monsters University (the second edition to the franchise) for him to dub, and suddenly the hashtag is trending and everyone is turning into a man-child, ourselves included.

By Sara Mosharef