Imagine having a venue that celebrates the Egyptian cinema by walking you through its iconic history! Well, yes, we do have places like the Cinema Cultural Palace and Zawya that hold all sorts of events and activations for cinephiles, but we’re talking more about an interactive museum kind of experience. That’s the dream of a group of graduating students who, we believe, have great potential to turn it into reality!

The Egyptian Cinema Experience is the concept of a group of Mass Communication seniors at Misr International University (MIU). It’s more than just a graduation project; it’s a celebratory attempt to preserve Egypt’s legendary cinema heritage, as well as create a unique, first of its kind, museum experience in the country.

The plan is to use new technologies to create a fun, interactive experience that is also informative and educational. And we’d have to say, the students’ creative and engaging content shared on the project’s social media looks quite promising and out of the box compared to what we’re used to seeing at other national museums.

Only a few days ago, the students revealed the first look at the first stop at their potential museum, the Time Capsule. There, visitors will be able to go back in time and learn all about the history of Egyptian cinema throughout the ages. The most exciting part that this will be a VR experience!

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This is definitely a fabulous idea, and it would be more than fantastic to have it executed for real. For more information about the Egyptian Cinema Experience, make sure to check out the Facebook page and Instagram account.