Kodo drumming band paced to the stage like thunder, with music playing from behind the curtains and drums vibrating through your chest; you immediately knew that the spectacle you're about to witness, will be an unforgettable one. As the curtains unwind, a storm of cultural magnificence transpires to the audience. Every performer pushed through their very own limits on drums, which they call; the Taiko.

This marvelous Japanese drum band ― which was founded in 1981 ― has travelled the world and has had over 6000 performances around the world, and Egypt marked their 50th country to perform in. As performers, their name "Kodo" represented them as the "Children of the drums” because of the passion and enthusiasm with which they perform. Their unwavering commitment to their authentic Japanese drums is staggering to behold, and every moment you're left in awe at how they never fail to move with profound synchronization with one another. Japanese culture is, unfortunately, scarcely represented here in Egypt, despite Cairo Opera House being founded through a fund from “Japan International Cooperation Agency” as a gift to our country.

While the audience was waiting in anticipation for the band to start, Kodo chose to introduce themselves, and what they stood for; to an audience that had already felt gratitude to be part of this special night that was going to be driven by sheer talent. As a result, the Kodo were truly welcomed to perform here in Egypt and for everyone who had attended, they were privileged by the opportunity to be captivated by their sheer talent. Performing one routine after another, they showcased and highlighted the strength that lies within the Japanese culture. Needless to say, you could not help but be star-struck by the level of dedication and commitment they showed to deliver this ultimate, authentic Japanese performance.

Japanese culture is known for their extensive Martial Arts history, making them inherently warriors for a past that has been riddled with ingenious fighting styles; which are practiced to this day all around the world. Kodo ― in that regard ― are not just mere performers, but outstanding warriors whose life duty has been to protect the ideals and history of their great nation and rich history.

Every synchronized move showed pure physical strength, felt with every batter of their sticks on the Taiko (drum), which hit with such force that was as harmonious as a heartbeat! Even more so, they made an incredibly strong impression as they shared with the audience the joy they felt performing for cultures from around the world. They are literally representing everything they stand for and believe in through their unforgettable performances, with a goal of more than just entertaining the audience, but to leave an everlasting impression of themselves and their culture.

Kodo left a mark on the Egyptian culture that night, and performed something that had never been witnessed here in Egypt before. For everyone who had attended, they were left amazed at the magnificence of the performance. All throughout, there was a profound admiration and respect that was showed and paid back by everyone who was fortunate enough to attend their spectacle, and the audience did a standing ovation after their grand performance to thank them.

By Nader Issa