As usual, we always love shedding light on local talents worthy of public attention, and one band that we’ve come across lately, and perfectly fits the criteria, is none other than Medic. The Egyptian group is a progressive rock/metal band, established back in 2005. However, over the years, the members changed until Medic settled for its current line-up, or “the perfect formula” as they call it. 

The ensemble consists of lead vocalist and guitarist, Ehab Khaled Fawzi; guitarist, Ahmed Khalil; bassist, Hossam El Tawdy; drummer, Aly El Rawy; and last but not least, Karim Wassim on Keyboards on synthesisers. Each member is said to have an interest in several different genres, having quite a noticeable influence on their music, making it more versatile. With an oriental flavour now and then, Medic’s music is definitely exceptional. 

After playing covers for a long while, the band finally dropped its debut, full-length album, Ascension, in October 2018. Ascension is a concept album, with inspiration drawn from historical events. The album’s quite lengthy, which isn’t very shocking for the progressive metal genre; songs can be as long as 11 minutes or more. However, the storytelling vibe takes you to a whole different world. Every song tells a story, conveyed through music, lyrics, and visuals. Hence, the album as a whole takes you on an entire journey. It's worth mentioning that the drummer that recorded Ascension was Khaled El Demerdash, who left the band shortly after the release tour and chose Rawy to be his successor.

Ascension is quite enjoyable if you like immersing yourself in music. We highly recommend you listen to it; it’s available on YouTube, Spotify, Anghami, and iTunes. Our favourite track though would have to be Wandering in Wasteland. Enjoy!


By Nadine Arab