Ramadan is coming to an end and El Mosalsalat are coming to an end too (hopefully). We’ve been watching and paying attention to all the details. It saddens us to see them end. We know you loved many, hated as many, but we decided to spoil some of their endings. Of course we don’t know how they are actually going to end, but we will suggest the perfect ending in our opinion. Feel free to release the storyteller within you, as well.

 Layali Eugenie


From day one, we fell head over heels for Dafer Abdeen or we might say Farid (as always). The whole story about two people finding love, even if it’s at the wrong place, still mesmerises the cheesy person we try to hide inside. Even though the series got a bit boring in the middle, over the last 10 days of Ramadan the series was eventful with plot twists and big reveals. But, will this end like a fairytale or will reality hit us? In our opinion, Kariman will get back with her husband for the sake of her daughter, and she’ll realise that he’s probably lying and wanted to take revenge. Farid will know the truth and rescue her, and they will both live apart, but will love each other forever (not so typical).



Basha Masr has been the reason behind all the innocent people getting killed in the second part, but that didn’t make us love him any less. We know he’s been overselling it.  We also feel the series is getting all blekh because we’ve been waiting for Selim to catch 3akf for so long, but every episode he escapes. Will the hero rescue everyone and take his revenge? Of course he will, but if Selim does’t die in the end, we will be disappointed because right then this will be, as we say, “Film Araby Adeem”.



Which one is she? Malika or Aya? Is that the real question we’ve been asking this whole time in Ramadan? It’s obvious that she’s Aya of course; she acts like Aya, talks like Aya, and dresses like Aya. But seriously, can the series be this obvious? We don’t think so, we think the ending is going to be different (not so different), but we think that Dina El Sherbiny will turn out to be Malika. The proofs of Dina being Malika are already there. First off, Malika is schizophrenic because her best friend died and losing her wasn’t easy on her. Secondly, they could have just conducted a DNA test from the 5th episode to validate who is who, kudos to the amazing writers behind the show.


Fullscreen capture 6112018 42416 PM

Yasser Galal succeeded in becoming the talk of the town last year, but this year he just took action to a whole new level (don’t know if this is a good thing or not). We won’t talk about how cliché the series is; we will just focus on ruining the ending. As you see, everyone is turning their backs on Rahim and probably wants him dead. But will the protagonist die? We don’t think so, Rahim will become a genuinely reformed person in prison, who decided to work with the police to get back the 700 million that he’s always talking about. Maybe that’s why they let him out of prison in the first place. Think about it… because we can’t find a proper ending.



This series shocked us all! In the beginning we thought, no, this is not going to be good, but then it turned out to be phenomenal with a crazy plot twist.  We truly love it. Our heart doesn’t want us to spoil anything about it, but we sadly think that Taye3 is going to be exactly what he wished he wouldn’t be. He will turn to an evil person (he has already begun to), and vengeance will become his motto for the rest of the show. We have to say this, “Rest in peace Mohga”, Saba Mubarak played the role in a remarkable way!

 Ladina Akwal Okhra


Even though this series doesn’t air on our usual channels, that doesn’t mean someone can skip a series starring Yousra. The truth behind everything happening to Amira in this series is just mysterious. Sometimes we feel that she’s sick, sometimes we know she’s not! But of course the ending is obvious; she’s not going to be sick at all. She will, instead, take her revenge, and prove her innocence. And we’re sorry to say, your sweetheart Shirin Reda will be thrown in jail.

 Bel Hagm El 3a2ly


An actor with the experience of Yehia El Fakhrany will always bedazzle us with his acting skills. Now that we got that out of the way, the series is pretty good. However, we couldn’t find anything meaningful, but a cliché ending. Of course, Nader and Sorya will get back together, and she will change for the better, and in the end he’s a dad and he’ll forgive all his children. And they will live happily ever after. Duh!


By: Sara Mosharef