now i wanted to mention something regarding the headphone industry, a lot of the people lately just go after BEATs, which for sure are good speakers, but come on they can cost up 2,500+ pounds and what does that money include ? are you really paying for quality ? the reality of it is no ! you are paying for marketing, for a brand and the name of Dr.Dre more than you are paying for quality. When it comes to audio there is something called high range, low range and mid range... the BEATS does not provide the mid-range which is the most important part of the high quality sound!!! on the other HAND THE B&W C5 (Which is the earphones) for example does provide, at the price of 1488L.E. which is 1,000 l.e. cheaper, and if you want the big ones like the P5 head phones ... they are for 2,200 which is still 300 pound cheaper and you are actually buying a BETTER QUALITY SPEAKERS.... dont believe me check out the reviews on the internet for B&W, they are actually said to be one of the speakers that are underpriced!!! so if i was you take advantage of the offers below if you are in the market for GOOD HIGH QUALITY SPEAKERS and do be a sheep and follow the heard of marketing :) SO DROP THE BEATS! AND GET THE B&W AND LUCKILY Now with prime magazine you can get this amazing offer where you order any of the below items and it will be delivered straight to your home with cash on delivery !!!!!   Photobucket