After seven years of retirement, Egyptian actress Hanan Turk is returning with El Nadaha, a brand new experience for the superstar, the audience, and the entire industry. El Nadaha is an audio film, which is the second one of its kind in the film industry in Egypt and the Arab world. The first audio film to be ever produced in Egypt was The Kingdom of the Hidden Enemies, also written by Khaled El Mahdi.

El Nadaha follows the story of a young doctor, named Haroun, who is suffering from an emotional trauma caused by his ex-lover. He decides to move to the countryside for work, and there he’s chased by the famed sound of “El Nadaha” everywhere he goes. Haroun tries to flea not just the memories of his love, but the haunting, frightening sound of the mythical character as well.

The film focuses on creating dramatic sound effects that put the listener in a state of excitement, enjoyment, and anticipation.

Hanan has just finished recording the film and the film is now in the editing phase; it is expected to be played in movie theatres across the country soon. That the cast also includes Hani Adel, Amr Elkady, Aya Hamza, Aida Fahmy, Mohamed Kamel, Ahmed Khalil El Sharkawy, and Lubna Wans.

The actress previously officially announced her retirement in a phone conversation on air with the TV host, Nishan. The call was made during an interview with fellow actress Somaya El Khashab on his program, Ana Wel 3asal, back in August 2012. Hanan’s last on-screen appearance was in the TV series, El Okht Treiz, in the same year.