Even though we’ve just recently been hyped up about multiple successful films; such as El Feel El Azraa 2 and Welad Rizk 2, it does not stop there. Ashbah Europa (Renegades of Europe), which was formerly titled Akd Al-Zawgeya, seems like something to look forward to.

The action-thriller, starring Haifa Wehbe and Ahmed El Fishawy, follows the story of two characters, one from an impoverished, local area and the other being filthy rich. Both cross paths in a thrilling dynamic, where 80% of the events are set in European countries.


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The cast also features Arwa Gouda and Mostafa Kater. The film is produced by Snapers Production and directed by Mohamed Hamaki. As for the story itself, Karim Farouk is the brains behind it, while the screenwriters are Amin Gamal, Mohamed Aboul Saad, and Sherif Yousri.

That’s what we know about the film so far. We’ll keep you updated when there are any further announcements.