Dear Egyptian TV lovers, brace yourselves because a new series is in the making and mass obsession is expected post-release. The filming of Hawadit El Champs Elysées started in the summer, but only last night, behind-the-scenes pictures were unveiled, and we have to say, we’re already excited.


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The series, starring heartthrob Eyad Nassar, takes us back to Egypt in the 50s, following the stories of multiple characters from different social classes. In the past few years, Egyptian TV has been witnessing great success when it comes to series that take us back in time to the good ol’ days; such as Grand Hotel, Taree’y, and Layali Eugenie. With viewers becoming fond of such works, it’s safe to say that they’ve grown in popularity. So, if Hawadit El Champs Elysées becomes the new obsession, we wouldn’t be surprised. 

Alongside Nassar, the cast features Injy El Mokkadem, Mai Selim, Dalia Mostafa, and Amany Kamal. The 45-episode series is written by Ayman Selim and Noha Said and directed by Morcos Adel.

According to Akhbar Al-Youm, Hawadit El Champs Elysées is expected to air in the winter season as they’re already halfway through shooting.