February doesn’t just bring love into our lives; it seems that this year, the month of romance is also bringing us joy in the form of art and entertainment. The film releases this month seem quite promising, and we’re already on the edge of our seats. Check out Egyptian films coming out this month below.

#1 Aswar A’lia – 14 Feb

The film’s story revolves around a well-known actress, played by Rania Youssef, who enters the world of addiction. She then goes to prison for a while, and upon her release, she tries to return to her normal life, but it’s never easy.

Aswar A’lia stars Rania Youssef, Randa El Behery, Ahmed El Awadi, Mohamed Attia, Intisar, and Nada Bahgat. The film is written by Amal Afifi and directed by Hisham El Essawi.

#2 El Sandoo’ El Eswed – Release date not announced yet

This film is the ultimate comeback of one of the actresses closest to our hearts; Mona Zaki. The story revolves around a pregnant woman who gets kidnapped by two criminals.

El Sandoo’ El Eswed also stars Mohamed Farrag and Mostafa Khater. It is written by Ahmed El Dahan and Haitham El Dahan, and directed by Mahmoud Kamel.

#3 Helm Hayati – 14 Feb

Helm Hayati is a romantic comedy film that’s scheduled to premiere on Valentine’s Day.

The film stars Hassan El Raddad, Amina Khalil, Aisha bin Ahmed, and Ragaa El Gedawy. Helm Hayati is written by Amani El Tunisi and directed by Othman Abulaban.

#4 Sandoo’ El Donia – 20 Feb

It looks like Rania Youssef has the largest share this season as she also has a lead role in Sandoo’ El Donia. The drama film mainly focuses on how to deal with life, and it’s successes and failures.

Sandoo’ El Donia stars Rania Youssef, Basem Samra, Khaled El Sawy, Ahmed Kamal, Amr El Qadi, Salah Abdullah, and Alaa Morsi. There are also brief cameos from A’rfa Abdel Rasoul and Samy Maghawry. It is written and directed by Emad El Bahat.

#5 Ras El Sana – In Cinemas

Ras El Sana was released earlier this month, garnering massive attention and success. The provoking film follows the lives of the Egyptian elite community. The cast includes Eyad Nassar, Basma, Shereen Reda, Injy El Mokkadem, Huda El Mufti, Ahmed Malek, and Aly Kassem.