Today, we lost one of the greatest actors in the world of cinema, Ezzat Abou Ouf, who lost his life after a long struggle with heart and liver disease.

Our beloved’s actor didn’t start his career with acting. In fact, he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine then pursued a musical career as a keyboard player. He started a band called Les Petits Chats, along with Samir Sabri, Omar Khairat, Sobhi Bedair, and Mohamed Salmawy; the rock band was dubbed “the Egyptian Beatles”. Abou Ouf’s popularity then kicked off with his second band, 4M, which he started with his four sisters; Maha, Mona, Mervat, and Manal.

It wasn’t until the late 90s when he pursued a career as an actor. Abou Ouf was one of those actors we grew up watching, leaving lots of memorable roles behind. As we mourn his death today, we thought of sharing with you his movies that’ll live on forever.

Omar w Salma

Remember the hit movie we all watched as teenagers? In Omar W Salma, Abou Ouf plays the role of Omar’s (Tamer Hosny) filthy rich father. The story follows Omar, a player who falls in love with Salma (Mai Ezz Eldin), but is love worth the change?

Aboud A’la El Hodood

Who can forget his iconic role as that sophisticated businessman who knew how to throw a decent party? Tommy (Ezzat Abou Ouf) helped Aboud (Alaa Waley Eldin) and his friends sneak out of their military service to take a break.

El Ragol El Abyad Al Motawaset

This is one of the funniest roles he ever played. He gets sick of his luxurious life and his jealous wife and decides to commit suicide, only to stumble upon Zaghloul (Ahmed Adam), and they eventually become friends.

Awdet El Nadla

Another hilarious role for the phenomenal actor, who plays Esteftah’s (Abla Kamel) husband and partner in crime. Unfortunately, the police arrest her, but he manages to escape and build an empire with their money. After she’s set free, Esteftah seeks revenge after a few years in jail, as her husband didn’t only steal her money, but their son as well.

Mattab Sena’y

He plays the role of a businessman, called Farouk, who loves his daughter very much. Mimi (Ahmed Helmy) saves his daughter from drowning in a pool, and that’s when they both become friends. Mimi has big dreams, but will his new friend help him achieve those dreams, or will everything fall apart?

El Ab El Rohy 2

For his final role, Abou Ouf played Zein El Attar’s (Mahmoud Hemeda) evil brother who happens to be a drug addict. The series revolves around a family that’s involved with gangsters, and in the drugs and weapons trade.


By Yara Tarek