Only a few days are separating us from the end of the holy month of Ramadan and the start of the eagerly anticipated Eid Al-Fitr. You’re probably excited to have breakfast, hit the beach, and gather with your beloved family over a mouthwatering feast, indulging some kahk afterwards. But one thing you’re definitely looking forward to is the Eid films being released this year.

Along with Eid’s iconic traditions, the film industry has made making movies a part of the Egyptian Eid’s identity. Now that the public holiday is in high season, we had to dig in and compile a list of the films that’ll be released. So, here are the ones announced so far; the casts and crews, the plots, and our humble expectations.

Hamlet Phero’n


Frankly speaking, the trailer was quite shocking. The action movie seems full of fights and potential bloodbaths. No wonder social media users are dubbing it a “the local Expendables”. However, that’s the only thing we know so far. While a trailer should tease cinema-goers with a little bit of the plot, this one has failed miserably.

Hamlet Phero’n stars Amr Saad, Ruby, Mohamed Lotfy, and more. The surprise is that American professional boxer Mike Tyson, as well as GOT's 'The Mountain', are making a special appearance. The film’s directed by Raouf Abdelaziz and produced by none other than Mohamed El Sobky, who never misses the Eid movie marathon. Watch the trailer here

El Mammar


The film, telling the story of the renowned Six-Day-War between Egypt and Israel, is to be released on the 5th of June, the same day when the war started back in 1967.

Set in the beautiful Sinai desert, the earthy tones in the film’s colour palette give it just the right vibe. Along with the cinematic frames and clean cuts, this kind of work is no stranger to a director like Sherif Arafa, who also wrote the film.

El Mammar has a star-studded cast, featuring names like Ahmed Ezz, Sherif Mounir, Hend Sabry, Eyad Nassar, Mohamed Farrag, Ahmed Rezk, Ahmed Falawkas, Mohamed Sharnouby, Asma Aboulyazid, and more. Watch the trailer here



Film Director Peter Mimi strikes again with a jaw-dropping cinematic trailer. But will Casablanca disappoint as others did with scenes copied from Hollywood hits and unnecessary continuity errors? Well, we’ll know the answer to that when it hits the silver screens. After all, the trailer didn’t leave us with anything from the storyline.

Casablanca’s cast features a bunch of A-listers headed by Amir Karara, along with Ghada Adel, Eyad Nassar, Amr Abdelgelil, Ahmed Dash, and Turkish actor Khalid Argensh. Watch the trailer here.

Sab3 El Boromba


From Ramez Galal in Ramadan to Ramez Galal in Eid; it seems like there’s no escape. With only a teaser released, it’s still a bit vague, but it appears that Galal will be playing several fictional characters, as well as one of Yasser Galal, his brother and fellow actor.

Jamila Awad plays the lead female role. The film is directed by Walid Sabry and written by Loay El Sayed. Watch the trailer here.

Mohamed Hussein


Starring Mohamed Saad, the film seems like another comedy infused with a bit of action. The film tells the story of Mohamed Hussein, played by Saad, a driver who gets involved with the mafia and ends up being a prime suspect in a murder. 

The trailer was a bit confusing, and we can’t tell much about the film from it as it’s overflowing with different events. One thing we’re sure of is that Saad is a brilliant actor who has been unfair to himself and his talent with the kind of roles he’s been accepting. After his role in El Kenz though, we thought things might change. So, will they?

The film is starring Mai Selim, Samir Sabry, Bayoumi Fouad, Ferial Youssef, and more. Watch the trailer here.