Egyptian film Between Two Seas was selected last month to join the race at the prestigious Brooklyn Film Festival (BFF), alongside 133 other films. In light of that, we’re more than proud to announce that the movie was named a winner.

Between Two Seas won the Best Narrative Feature award and a Certificate of Outstanding Achievement in Screenplay. The film also won the Nut Award for Best Film, as well as the Best Director award, during its premiere at the 3rd edition of Aswan International Film Festival.

The sensational movie is directed by Anas Tolba, written by Mariam Naoum, in collaboration with Amani El Tunsi, and stars Fatma Adel, Yara Gubran, Tharaa Jubail, Mahmoud Fares, Arfa Abdel Rassoul, and Lobna Wanas.

Anas Tolba

“The whole experience at the BFF was beyond amazing. It was very inspiring to see different people from all over the world cry over the same scenes, and all clap at the end of the film”, Director Anas Tolba told us. “I wasn’t sure how people would receive the film outside of Egypt, but their feedback was heartwarming. The two wins came as a nice conclusion to the festival. It was nice to be awarded two awards, and one of them being the best in the category; feature narrative. It’s an honour and also a responsibility because this film carries an important social message, and I really hope that its message gets across to the right audience,” he added.

Meanwhile, we had an exclusive one-on-one talk with El Tunsi about the film’s success. “ I am so happy for the movie’s win, especially that I worked really hard on it for a year and a half. However, I do believe it could’ve been better.”

Amani Al Tunsi

Amani also mentioned that she was more excited when the movie won at Aswan International Film Festival. “It meant that the main issue the movie tackled was not only loved by foreigners but by locals as well.”

We also chatted with her about her upcoming docu-drama, Rasayel; Arabic for “Messages”. “The story follows the evolution of messaging from handwritten letters to online chatting”, said El Tunsi. She then laughingly told us that she could say no more so she wouldn’t spoil the storyline.

We’re all happy to hear how the movie is doing at national and international festivals, and we’re hoping it will win more awards. Not to mention that we’re looking forward Between Two Seas’ screening at local cinemas, which according to El Tunsi will be by July 2019.


By Yara Tarek