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Egypt will witness a state of cinematic recovery with the approaching New Year celebrations, with many films competing for the revenues of the New Year and mid-year vacation season. Film producers have decided to start screening the movies a few days earlier to ensure that they remain in theatres for the longest periods possible.

Here are 7 Egyptian films to look forward to.

#1 El Feloos

The film discusses the issue of trust between people, which later during the events of the film leads to many difficult situations.

El Foloos stars Tamer Hosny, Zeina, Khaled Al-Sawy, Aisha bin Ahmed, Nancy Salah, and Mohamed Sallam. The film is written by Mohamed Abdel-Moaty, directed by Saeed Al-Marouk, and produced by New Century.

#2 Les Baghdad

Les Baghdad falls into the action-comedy genre. The story follows a group of friends who embark on an adventure searching for a lost treasure.

Les Baghdad stars Mohamed Adel Emam, Fathi Abdel Wahab, Amina Khalil, Yasmine Rais, and Mohamed Abdel Rahman. The film is directed by Mousa, written by Tamer Ibrahim, and produced by Synergy Films.

#3 Ras El Sana

And after its screening at the end of the Moroccan Marrakech festival, Ras El Sana will finally be released in cinemas this December.

The film tells a story of a New Year’s event that takes place in a coastal resort where the rich get together to celebrate the incoming 2009. The night reveals complex relationships and truths that change everyone’s view of themselves.

Ras El Sana stars Eyad Nassar, Engy El Mokadem, Ahmed Malek, Basma, Sherine Reda, Huda Al-Mufti. It’s written by Muhammad Hefzi and directed by Mohamed Saqr.

#4 Banat Thanawy

The film tells the story of five girls in high school, and the events and surprises they face during their tough journey in an interesting social framework.

Banat Thanawy stars Hanady Mehanna, Jamila Awad, Mai El Gheity, Huda Al-Mufti, Mayan El Sayed, Mido Adel, Karim Kassem, and Mohamed Mahran. The film was written by Ayman Salama, directed by Mahmoud Kamel, and produced by Ahmed El Sobki.

#5 Reema

Reema inherits her father’s spirituality, and like him, she reads the unknown. Everyone believes she’s under the command of the devil, and the circumstances force her to run away from her family.

Reema stars Maya Nasri, Firas Saeed, Mohamed Tharwat, Reem Abdel Kader, Hala Fakher, Ehab Fahmy, Maha Nassar, and Alaa Morsi. It’s written by Ahmed Anwar, directed by Moataz Hossam, and produced Amr Tantawi.

#6 Deedo

The light comedy film revolves around Deedo, a young man who, along with his friends, decides to rob a wealthy scientist. The scientist, who later discovers their evil plan, manages to transform them into fingertips with one of his scientific experiment. That’s when their adventures begin.

Deedo stars Karim Fahmy, Hamdi El Marghani, Ahmed Fathi, Mohamed Tharwat, and Bayoumi Fouad. The film also includes several guests of honour such as Ahmed Fahmy, Hisham Maged, and Sheko. Karim Fahmy also wrote the script, and it’s directed by Amr Salah.

#7 Demagh Shetan

The film discusses a number of social issues and highlights the difficult living conditions that many suffer from.

Demagh Shetan stars Bassem Samra, Rania Youssef, Walid Fawaz, Amr Abed, Salwa Khattab, Mai Fakhry, Nadia Khairy, Osama Abdullah, and Osama Al-Zanklouni. It’s written by Amr Al-Dali, directed by Karim Ismail, and produced by Ahmed Abdel Baset.

So, which one of those are you watching first?