Another proud moment for us Egyptians was finding out about Dina El Wedidi’s latest global acknowledgement. The singer, who’s known for her extraordinary vocals and her unique folk vibe, just made it to the Time magazine’s list of Next Generation Leaders.

The list features nine other people who are leading lights in music, politics, and more. Those include names like Rosalia Vila Tobella, who became a Latin pop phenomenon with her Flamenco-inspired music. Actress, Tessa Thompson, who’s famous for her recent role as Valkyrie in Avengers: End game, also made it to the list.

If you’ve been sleeping under a rock and you’re wondering who Dina El Wedidi is, we’ve got you covered. Dina, born and raised in Egypt, kickstarted her musical career with a band called Habayebna, and also with el Warsha Theater troupe.

Dina el Wedidi

Her understanding of the Egyptian culture is reflected in her music, and you can clearly distinguish her songs anytime, anywhere. She participated in workshops with Grammy award-winning musician, Fathy Salama, then she formed her own musical group, which was a breakthrough in her career. She also performed in the U.S in 2013, after she toured the country with Brazilian icon, Gilberto Gil.

In addition, Dina participated in The Nile Project, an initiative that brings together musicians from the Nile Valley. She joined with her song, Ya Ganouby, which translates into “oh my south” in English. The mission of this project was to mend all the broken bonds between different cultures.

Dina continues to spread her culture around the world, leaving her mark on the music industry, while making a change with her special hits. And we’d have to say, we’re very proud of her and her achievements so far.

Now, we’ll leave you with her most popular songs “Tedawar w Terga3”, “Sokoun”, and “Yohadethoni el Shagar”. They’re pretty much what your ears would long to listen to, so put on your headphones and enjoy. It’s also worth mentioning that you can catch her perform live today at the Cairo Opera House at 9:30 pm.


By Yara Tarek