Ahmed Mourad is the writer that has been making waves with his captivating novels for some time now. And even though Mourad’s stories were taking the popularity path, his film adaptations took him to a whole new level. It all started with El Feel El Azraa’ (that now got a sequel, but that’s a story for another time), Torab El Mas, and now, 1919 is on its way.

First things first, what we know about the movie so far is that it’s another collaboration with director Marwan Hamed; exciting, right? Hamed has been directing Mourad’s films so far, including his first film written for cinema, El Asleyeen.

The cherry on top is that two of our favourite actors, Karim Abd El Aziz and Ahmed Ezz, landed the lead roles. Which one do you think will be Ahmed Keera and which one will play Abd El Kader? Surely, this amazing duo has a lot in store for us, and we can’t wait to see what they’ll do, especially after their impressive performances in El Feel El Azraa’ 2 and El Mammar.

We’re thrilled to see a movie that goes back in time to the previous century, an era we only saw in movies. Movies and series that are set in different periods, like Grand Hotel and El Kenz, never fail to make people fall in love with things they’ve never lived or witnessed before. The decor, the costume design, the prestigious attitude, practically everything. So, don’t blame us for daydreaming about how this movie will turn out.

What usually grabs our attention in Mourad’s novels is the way he starts immersing his readers in each character’s story then intertwining them all. This book is a heavy one; it follows the story of the iconic 1919 revolution and how it affected the characters. It’s not just some random history book though; it’s telling the story of that time through the characters' lives, which makes it even better.

The novel came out in 2014, and everyone rushed to buy Ahmed Mourad's new offering. We loved the characters way too much. Ward the Armenian prostitute with her heartbreaking story; Abd El Kader, an ally to the British army who supplied them with cigarettes and alcohol and then turned into their worst enemy; Ahmed Keera the smart chemist who knows how to fight back with science, and last but not least, Nazly, who will end up being the famed queen and wife of King Fouad. All these perfectly written characters are now coming back to life, and we really hope the casting will do them justice.

We’ll keep you posted when we know more.