Only a day after being crowned as the very first YouTube video to reach 5 billion views, Luis Fonci’s summer hit, Despacito, mysteriously went missing from the site. Although it came back not long after, it reminded us of why we love this song.

The love we have ― among other reasons ― might have been what got it to hit 5 billion views. As a matter of fact, our annoying friends who kept playing it over and over in the car were reason number one. Secondly, we have the Egyptian “Saf” over literally anything. Here, watch these videos.




To cut the story short, some hackers under the aliases of Prosox and Kuroi’sh, replaced the video with footage of some masked figures aiming at the screen with guns! Then they changed the title of the song to their names, and wrote underneath it “Free Palestine”.

It seemed that the hackers were only concerned with VEVO’s videos. When they took control of the account, they did the same thing to songs by Taylor Swift, Drake, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, and Selena Gomez. This incident lasted for a couple of hours before then VEVO magically fixed it all. The videos are back where they belong, like nothing had ever happened.

By Sara Mosharef