In case you haven’t noticed, Eyad Nassar has been bombarding the Egyptian silver screens with his killer performances lately. We’d have to say, the Jordanian actor has stolen our hearts ever since his role in Yousra’s TV drama, Khas Gedan. And even though Nassar has never failed to impress us over the years, this year, in particular, is something else.

For years Nassar has been blessing us with hooking TV dramas like Afrah Al Qobba and Haret El Yahood, but this Ramadan, it saddened us that he’s been MIA. However, it was for all the right reasons! Right after the holy month came to an end, the Eid films’ season kicked off, and Nassar was there, starring in not just one movie, but TWO!

Nassar was in the cast of El Mammar, a film that takes place during the war of attrition. He played the role of an Israeli military troop leader, and we’d have to say, his performance was fantastic. On the other side, he played the role of a troublemaker, a completely different persona, in Peter Mimi’s Casablanca.

At the moment, the talk of the town is El Feel El Azraa’s sequel, and Dr Akram (Nasser) is a new addition the thrilling fantasy writer Ahmed Mourad, along with director Marwan Hamed, has woven into the script. But that’s not all; Nassar is also joining the cast of Welad Rizk’s sequel that’s coming up in Eid El Adha. We still don’t know much about his character, but from the trailer, we can tell he’s not going to be the kind of guy you’d want to hang around with.

All we’d like to say is kudos to Eyad Nassar for wearing the hats of all of these completely different characters. Not anyone can pull it off that well, only a great actor and truly talented one. So, let’s all take a moment to appreciate this valuable talent.