Sheikh el Hara, the show that’s been the talk of the town for three Ramadans in a row with its embarrassing questions addressing the guests, has been pulled off the air. The show has been stopped today by an order from the Media Association and the famed presenter, Basma Wahba, has resigned.

Many claims have been made that it stopped after the last episode when Wahba interviewed Egyptian writer Yasmine El-Khateeb, who mentioned many well-known public figures and their scandals; including Director Khaled Youssef. According to Youssef, in a post on his official Instagram page, Yasmine claimed that she had been married to him. The director was extremely aggravated and filed a lawsuit on the channel and Basma Wahba. “I’ve assigned my lawyer to file a lawsuit against the show since it has been throwing false accusations my way like it’s the first thing they agree upon at the beginning of every episode.”

Basma Wahba

This resulted in a huge fight between the channel itself, Al Kahera w Al Nas, and Wahba because the channel aired the episode anyway, shocking the TV host, as they agreed not to air it.

The worst part of all in this fiasco was Basma’s episode with Maged El Masry, when they both showed how far racism can go. As Basma revealed a secret of Maged’s, he started telling the story of when he met three girls with their faces covered, and when he found out they were African, he freaked out, yelled, and kicked them out of his car. As if that was not enough, El Masry and Wahba both laughed casually. When was racism ever funny?

Thankfully though, the Media Association issued a decision right after this episode, mentioning how Basma broke a term in the media code of honour, and that’s why she should be punished.

Tarek Saada, a sargeant in the Media Association also added in his statement that Basma didn’t respect law 93 which states, “No media persona is allowed to work in the media field unless they have permission to resume their work.”

Apparently, some people have a thing for shows like Sheikh El Hara; maybe they enjoy the increased tension, or they’re in it for a good laugh, or perhaps to get the dirty gossip about celebrities.

Well, we’re all guilty of loving some good gossip, but Wahba was definitely way out of line. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.


By Yara Tarek