Self-learning has become an extremely popular tool that has grown in demand as technology has evolved. Creatives, in particular, nowadays resort to the world wide web for education and self-improvement. How many of you have watched YouTube tutorials on how to play the guitar or use Photoshop? We bet a lot of you did, especially that such skills are widely available in many languages. However, one area of expertise that was limited to the English language was filmmaking. So, as an attempt to make learning filmmaking easier for those who want to pursue a career in it, Egyptian filmmaker Amr Salama decided to make some Arabic learning material available.

The screenwriter and director just released a filmed version of his famed filmmaking workshop, known as Al Aflamgeya, last night on YouTube. Salama posted a series of videos where he takes you through the process from what is cinema to how to evaluate your work and improve yourself and everything in between; such as basics of screenwriting, directing, and more.

Throughout the videos, Salama collaborates with film gurus such as screenwriter, Khaled Diab; director, Marwan Hamed, and producer, Hany Osama. The acclaimed filmmaker also promises to drop more learning material on his new platform, on both Facebook and YouTube, on a weekly basis.

Salama’s career spans more than ten years with award-winning films under his sleeve such as Asmaa, La Mo’akhza, and Sheikh Jackson. It’s worth mentioning that he’s currently in the pre-production phase of his latest work, Paranormal, the first Egyptian Netflix original series, based on late author Ahmed Khaled Tawfik’s horror novels of Ma Waraa’ Al Tabi3a. Salama’s debut series was Tayea’, a Ramadan 2018 hit series starring Amr Youssef, Amr Abdelgelil, and Saba Mubarak.

If you’re a filmmaker in the making, trying to pursue a career in the film industry but looking for a learning opportunity, we highly recommend you subscribe to Al Aflamgeya.