Egyptian star, Ahmed Ezz, is set to star alongside actress Hend Sabry in the upcoming series, Hagma Mortada this Ramadan. The series, written by Baher Dewidar, revolves around a man (Ezz) working abroad who faces intriguing challenges. The series unfolds when an intelligence agency attempts to recruit him to spy on Egypt. Based on a true story, the series shows the progression of events as this man contacts Egyptian intelligence and agrees to work as a double agent, getting training from Egyptian officials while spying on the foreign agency.

Ahmed Ezz, who has been acting since 1997, has become one of Egypt’s most well-known actors. His most prevalent roles include his appearances as Seif in El-Khaliyyah, Colonel Nour in Al Mamar, and Reda in Welad Rizk. He has also previously acted in Ramadan series like Abo Omar El Masry.

It’s not Hend Sabry’s first time in a Ramadan series either, having starred in Ayza Atgawez (2011) and Halawet El Donia (2017). Having started acting in 1994, the Egyptian-Tunisian actress has played various renowned roles, including Bothayna in Omaret Yacoubian, Karima in El Gezira, and Asmaa in Asmaa.

The upcoming series will bring both actors together, combining their magnificent acting skills in a singular work. Having starred next to each other in movies like El Mamar and Mozakerat Morahekah, Ezz and Sabry already have plenty of experience working with each other on set. Hagma Mortada will be another opportunity to share their collective work.

Hagma Mortada is directed by Ahmed Alaa and produced by Synergy, one of the leading production companies in Egypt. Besides Ezz and Sabry, the series features a large group of actors, including Salah Abdullah, Magda Zaki, Khaled Anwar, Mahmoud Al-Bazawi, Mohamed Jumaa, Mayan Al-Sayed, and Ahmed Fouad Selim.

Filming for the series ended in January, with plans to have its premiere, along with a variety of other shows, in Ramadan 2021.

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