Superstar Ahmed Dawood is getting ready to dazzle us with yet another significant role in his upcoming movie, Haisa, in which he will portray a football player.

He previously acted in romantic, comedy, action, and crime movies, but nothing similar to this one before, so this will mark the star’s first time to play the role of an athlete.

The movie was written by Muhammad Nair, produced by Cine-Pro Production and directed by Othman Abu Laban. As for the rest of the cast, it hasn’t been announced yet, but we’re quite optimistic.  

Yesterday, Dawood posted stories rooting for the Italian national team against England in the Euro final and expressed his support for the team in the Italian language. We’re wondering if these stories were some sort of a hint about his upcoming movie, but we’ll have to wait to find out!

Dawood’s talent first showed in his role in Walad We Bent before he turned his attention to drama by collaborating with big names, including Youssra, Nour El-Sherif and Laila Elwi. However, what really set Dawood apart was his striking role in Segn El Nesa, which marked his entry into the world of challenging roles. His movie 122 was also a hit and was the first Egyptian movie with revenues that exceeded 24 million LE! He has also taken part in several remarkable series like Grand Hotel and Haza El Mesaa.

Dawood is currently anticipating the release of his movie Yom 13, which is the first Egyptian movie that will be screened entirely in 3D in Egypt and the Middle East.

We’re quite sure that Dawood will give yet another spectacular performance!