Dreams of many, are realities but for a few. The music scene in Egypt, has been witnessing a boom over the past couple of years. Nevertheless, earning international recognition is hard to come by. This is due to the likes of Armin Van Burren killing the chances of fresh talents. However, few Egyptian DJs have made it overseas, and their success has been exceptional. These DJs have conquered stages in Europe, USA and many more. In addition, some of them got several endorsements from renowned international DJs.

1) Akladios

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Dina R. Akladios is the girl who changed the game of deep house and tech music with her great sets! She started from Cairo and Alexandria, to Sharm, Hurghada and Sinai. Then she started playing abroad, in Berlin and Oman. Cheers to the girls’ power!

2) Aly & Fila

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We guess you already knew they were going to be on the list, since they have already played with Armin Van Burren before. The famous trance duo Aly & Fila (AKA Aly El Sayed & Fady Wassef) were ranked the 19th in the top 100 DJs list by Mix Magazine (2012). Ever since going international, it has become very rare to see them in Egypt on decks, and more likely to see them in Tomorrowland. However, when we do, tickets are always sold-out! 


3) DJ Feedo

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The hip hop and R&B king, DJ Feedo. Being a regular of our most loved clubbing houses, DJ Feedo has earned the reputation that skyrocketed him overseas. He has been nominated for, "Best North African DJ" in the African global DJ award. He is, as well, on Nile FM every Friday. Also, he played in a concert in Russia several years ago (2006), which received much appreciation. Russia was the start of a road to touring other continents like Europe, Asia and South America. It is expected to see him performing in the USA, Middle East and Africa this year too!  


4) Abou Samra

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Ahmed Abou-Samra is the kind of person whose life revolved around music and mixing since the age of 12. He is now spending his time in Barcelona, shuffling through his tech house and techno sets. Regardless, he doesn’t forget about where his dreams started! Abou Samra is now one of the most famous DJs in Cairo and has parties here and there.


5) Hazem Beltagui

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Hazem has developed a strong emotional connection to Arabic songs, and has mixed it with his love for trance. This kind of mix created a unique type of music that enchanted the larger audience of London, Mexico, the USA and of course Egypt. It is also important to note that Hazem was ranked #121 on DJ Mag 2014’s poll, one year after he started his professional career.


6) Philippe El Sisi

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Baby steps on the piano, then Armin Van Buuren at the age of 12! This was how it started with Philippe, passion then inspiration. In 2009 he released his first mix of, "Witness/Never After." Since then, Philippe started getting better by the day, and his music was heard all over the planet. He has played in Amsterdam, Germany, Netherlands, Argentina, Spain and many more.


7) Mohamed Ragab


This one is not only a DJ, but a producer and the owner of Excelsior Music. Ragab was the main reason behind FSOE being the number one top selling Trance label in 2016. He's is one of the very few Egyptians who can play in Tomorrowland – every DJs’ dream. Ragab has also played in London and Amsterdam.

8) Aguizi and Fahim

[caption id="attachment_102777" align="aligncenter" width="380"]Aguizi-Fahim By: change-underground.com[/caption]

The duo Youssef El-Aguizi & Yehia Fahim started off in 2012. They quickly became an essential catalyst to partying hard in a lot of Egypt’s best clubs. Not only have they earned a reputation in Egypt, but they reached the far-flung dream of going international! They have opened for several DJs: Purple Disco Machine, Betoko, Claptone and many many more.

9) MadLou


The likes of Beethoven and Voltier, are the stimulants of Loay Adel (AKA DJ MadLou). At the beginning of his career, Loay caught the attention of the audience at the Amesterdam Dance Event and  Ritter Butzke Nightclub in Berlin. In addition to his bedazzling house sets, his psychology degree gave him the acumen to feed on the party fanatics needs.  This kind of understanding, was never done with anything as sacrificial to the tunes he was passionate about. It, however, propelled him to be part of the select few asked to play at the prestigious Earthdance festival (2013) and Burning Man (2017). While he is now based in Dubai, he has confirmed dates at London, Iceland, Switzerland, America, Australia, Panama and Morocco, Lebanon and Mexico.

 10) Bedouin


We love musicians who do different. We also love musicians who appreciate, and connect their heritage with the tunes they give birth to! The duo of the Egyptian Rami Abousabe and the Jordanian Tamer Malki (AKA Bedouin), have been doing an amazing job for a while in Brooklyn, NY. Infusing oriental sounds with their eclectic tunes, the duo created a hypnotizing mix that got to the hearts of many abroad!

11) Zeina


Zeina Ezz is motivated by and committed to, offering female electronic talents an opportunity to lead the way in Cairo's house and tech scene. This is done through an event called the "unfamiliar," which took place a number of times at ZigZag Bar & Restaurant! Zeina, the homegrown talent and the far-reaching sound and ambition of women, has also been on decks in Berlin and Canada!

12) Chiati


Hatem Chiati start was humble, just a high school kid playing in a band called Bandetta. Afterwards, he decided to explore music independently. Ever since he made that choice, Chiati released several techno and electronic EP albums with the danish record label "Blindfold" and the independent Egyptian record label "BESWORX." 

13) Karim Mika


Karim Mika is one of the few Egyptians who played in Tomorrowland. His groovy sets and deep bass, had him be part of David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Tiesto and Hardwell DJ sets. Hard to believe, right? Few years ago, he signed with one of the top 10 DJs, DJ Afrojack, to add his touch to "Crunk" track. Karim also toured Europe, North America, Brazil and many more!


By Sara Mosharef & Adel M. Fakhry