Good or bad, cinematic or epic failure, it doesn’t really matter. That’s not our story for now, and art is subjective after all. But what all of the following have in common is that we wasted our youth watching them. It could be the best series in the history of drama, but in terms of time and energy, it cost us dimes. Man, we aged badly and shed layers of skin while watching these five shows.


And they call that a limited-run series? Well, the intense melodrama made it feel like ages. Don’t lie; we’re all guilty of watching one of those Spanish, overly exaggerated dramas dubbed in Arabic.

Turkish soap operas

It all started with Nour and Mohannad, and the others soon followed. We’d have to say, Turkey has seen an impressive boom in its tourism because of that, but still, how many episodes are we watching again?

The Bold and the Beautiful

Believe it or not, it’s still running, from 1987 to this day! The show boasts over 8,000 episodes in total! *jaw drops* Y’all married and remarried each other, what more do you want? Plus, Stephanie already died years ago, why not just move on?

Layali El Helmeya

With all due respect to Ossama Anwar Okasha, the soap opera was brilliant, that’s a sure thing, but we’ve been panting, releasing our final breaths to make it through. Oh and that last season, does it really count?

Captain Maged

Scoring a goal over the course of three episodes? Does anyone recall that?


P.S: If you can’t relate to any of these things, you’re way too young.