Rotana is extending its entertainment services to the digital world, giving everyone access to their favourite movies 24/7!

We have taken a quick tour and narrowed down a few of the best oldies for you to binge-watch with the fam! So, get your popcorn ready and enjoy this throwback of golden movies, which never cease to entertain us.

A’elet Zizi

A’elet Zizi is on top of the list because it makes perfect sense to start with a movie for the icons Souad Hosny and Foad El-Mohandes! You’ll enjoy the journey of Sami, an engineer who is working on a machine that transforms cotton into clothing. You probably heard their famous line ‘EL MAKANA TALAAT OMAASH,’ which is now used to refer to achievement. In the movie, Zizi is a five-year-old girl living with her family, each member with a dream of their own, and we follow them through their fun adventures.

El Kheet AlRafeaa

Next is a movie for Faten Hamama, Mahmoud Yassin and Emad Hamdy fans. El Kheet AlRafeaa is a classic movie that follows the life of Mona, a humble banker who supports her family. The film depicts a love triangle between Mona, her superior, and an engineer, where she finds herself in a complicated relationship and tries to write her happy ending amidst all the troubles in her life.

Nos Sa3a Gawaz

When Shadya and Roshdy Abaza star together in a movie, the dynamic is unrivalled! The romantic film follows the life of a dentist, Hosny, who falls in love with Dalia, and when things go south between them, he decides to earn her sympathy by telling her that he just recently divorced his wife. He then asks his assisting nurse, Fatima, to play the role of his ex-wife! 

Rod Qalby

You didn’t think we would put a list of oldies together without mentioning ‘Rod Qalby’? Starring the one and only Maryam Fakhrudin and Shukri Sarhan, it’s the classic love story where boy meets girl and they fall in love, only they come from different social classes and find themselves in quite the debacle. The movie is adapted from Youssef Sebaie’s novel, and it ranks as one of the top 100 movies in the history of Egyptian cinema.  

Eshaet Hob


Our favourite kinds of movies are the romantic ones, yet give us a good laugh. Eshaet Hob is one of these movies that you just don’t get bored of. The movie follows the love story of Hussein with his cousin, Samiha, but he also finds himself crushing hard on his other cousin, Lucy. Then, to spice things up, Samiha’s father starts a rumour that Hussein is dating the stunning actress Hind Rostom, and things go rogue from there! The movie has a lineup of spectacular stars, including Omar Sharif, Soad Hosny and Youssef Wahby.

Tell us which movie is your favourite and which one will you be watching for the first time!