We’ve been waiting for two whole years for this moment, counting down every second, as we missed our favourite quartet. Now, the wait is over, season 3 just came out last week, on the 4th of July, and we’ve been joggling to binge-watch it ever since.

There’s no doubt that our worlds have been turned upside down with the release. Even Netflix announced earlier today on Twitter that this season broke their records. In its first four days, a whopping 40.7 million household accounts have watched the show. This is the highest number Netflix has achieved since its global launch.

As we shamelessly binged the show in between office hours, we were very keen to share our two cents with you all (those who already watched the show). Hence, SPOILER ALERT COMING YOUR WAY!

Here’s why we absolutely loved season 3!

Dustin and Suzy Bo’s song

Who can forget this special moment as we were holding our breath, waiting for Suzie to save the world with the aid of Planck’s Constant. But Suzie wouldn’t let it slip without turning the whole scene into an adorable musical, along with Dustin.

Elle and Max’s photo session

Stranger things 3

One of the many things we adore about Stranger Things is that it’s set in the 80s. Ringer t-shirts, denim trucker jackets, even the whole atmosphere, everything was super cool. This photo session is just goals!

When Elle spied on the boys

We all want to know what the boys are thinking about, and Elle gave us a sneak peek. To be honest, we could’ve lived without it, seeing Lucas fart wasn’t on our list.

Steve and Robin’s friendship

This is one of the best relationships in the series, and we’re in love! They always have each other’s backs, and when they were drugged, it was so funny.

The cute Russian captive

Stranger things 3

We know he was supposed to be a bad guy, but it turns out he really isn’t. All things aside, that smile of his makes our hearts melt! Oh, and the 4th of July balloon scene, that was just adorable!

The bald eagle

Stranger things 3

Aside from the name, based on a joke, this man is a huge highlight of this season.

Elle’s love confession

One of our ultimate favourite scenes was when Elle confronted Mike about overhearing him say that he loves her and he got nervous. Awwww.

When Billy stood up to the Mind Flayer

We used to hate Billy, but after knowing how brutally his soul was bruised, we kind of started having a soft spot for him. And this scene, it made us all tear up.

Erica joining the boys

Erica, that sassy little nerd, was not our favourite and we probably hated her at first, but it turns out she’s cool.

Hopper’s farewell letter

Rivers of tears were streaming down our faces as Elle read Hopper’s letter. We loved him way too much. Just a heads up to the Duffer brothers, he’d better not be dead!

Tell us, what are your thoughts about Stranger Things 3?


By Yara Tarek