We’re four days after the release of La Casa de Papel’s 3rd season and it’s completely your fault if you still didn’t find the time to binge-watch the whole thing. We’re itching and we need to talk about it so bad. So, if you still haven’t watched it (or worse, still haven’t watched anything at all), then step aside. We’re here to discuss some major issues that are basically the talk of the entire world for the past couple of days. 

Guess it goes without saying, SPOILER ALERT! MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!

#1 Berlin is back!

Well, he’s not really back, we all saw him drowning in his blood at the end of season 2. It’s not really realistic for him to end up being alive. However, the show’s creators seem to know he’s our favourite character, so bringing him for flashbacks was definitely a good call.

#2 Bigger heist, higher stakes, more suspense

Speaking of Berlin, he’s the mastermind behind the new heist, which is much bigger than the first one and way more challenging. El Profesor had the time to perfect his dad’s plan for the first heist, but he didn’t have much time to work on Berlin’s which seemed “impossible”, if I may quote him. But that only means more fun for us; I mean, the dude calculated every single step in seasons 1 and 2, he was always ready for whatever happened. This time, it’s different; season 3 seems to include a lot of improvisation from El Profesor’s end, hence, more suspense.

#3 The reunion

Duh! This one definitely goes without saying. Seeing the gang together once again was pretty heartwarming, even though it was very sad that some members were missing.

#4 Denver goes through major character development

Remember that reckless handsome guy with that priceless, spontaneous laugh? Well, after his father’s death and after he’s become a father himself, things have taken a different turn for him. Denver has gone from irresponsible and reckless to.. Uhmm.. a dad! These two turning points have affected his character noticeably, and we still love him!

#5 Alicia Sierra!

CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT ALICIA SIERRA? The new inspectora is nothing like Raquel. Pregnant and notorious, this woman ain’t easy! Sierra doesn’t take no for an answer and obviously doesn’t care about the rules. The number of layers in this character kind of makes up for Berlin’s absence (just a little). ANDDD, did you know she is of Arab descent? No, not Sierra, Najwa Nimri, the actress that plays the role is Spanish with Jordanian roots.

#6 Relationsh*t

Sorry but not sorry. We can’t disagree that when love takes over, things normally take a nastier turn. Well, after the gang’s couples each go their separate ways, Nairobi and Helsinki end up stuck together, which results in our favourite feminist developing feelings for her bestie. And the problem is, we all know this won’t work. Meanwhile, a new gang member, which goes by the name Bogota, seems to be having feelings for Nairobi, and Helsinki has feelings for another new face, Palermo, who only loves himself. Oh Lord!

#8 Rio makes an important realisation

Finally, Rio realises that Tokyo’s no good for him; she’s toxic and he’s better off without her. Since day one, every single problem has something to do with Tokyo. There wouldn’t even be a part 3 without Tokyo’s reckless, irresponsible actions that got Rio into trouble in the first place. After being held captive for enough time, Rio finally realises that he needs to break free and ends things with her. But, will this remain the case?

#9 The ending

Episode 8 was nothing but an emotional rollercoaster. From Sierra tricking El Profesor, making him think they executed Raquel, to also tricking Nairobi so she would get shot in the chest by a sniper, the ending was not easy. We couldn’t tell what happened to Nairobi though; we were left with a cliffhanger and our wild imagination. On a side note, why do you insist on doing this to our favourite characters? WHY?

#10 Does that mean there’s a season 4?

That being said, does that mean our all-time favourite Spanish hit series might be renewed for a 4th season? We hope so! *fingers crossed*.