As we have all seen recently, work burnout has been added to the International Classification of Diseases. So, it’s made official! Excessive work can break your heart too.

We also know how many new graduates are joining the workforce almost every day. So, to help you avoid losing your temper, or worse, your job, we’ve compiled a list of things to have on you to save your day. Ladies and gentlemen, behold the ultimate workplace survival kit.



Why worry about unnecessary questions and your talkative colleagues when you can put on your headphones and zone out? Maybe listen to some soothing music, it helps.

A Note Book that includes 10 reasons why you can’t quit


Being at work can be frustrating, and while you might lose it and say, with all the confidence in the world, “I don’t even need that job”, you’d beg your boss to take you back five minutes later. Buy a notebook, write your list, and keep it with you at all times as a reminder.

Neck pillows


You’re sleep deprived, right? Do you feel like taping your eyelids wide open like in Tom and Jerry? Well, you can get one of these neck pillows and take naps in the bathroom. Just make sure not to exceed the 5-minute limit or else you’ll get caught.

Emergency number AKA the therapist


Save your therapist’s number and call them whenever you get the urge to kill your boss. We’ve all had moments when we secretly plotted the perfect murder and runaway story. I mean, bosses tend to ask for the impossible.

Redbull / Strong Coffee


If you can’t nap in the bathroom, you can always opt for an energy drink or a really strong coffee. You don’t want to write an email starting with “Darling, I forgot to take out the garbage bag”. You need to focus.

Stress balls


Get yourself one of these rubber stress balls and squeeze the life out of it when you have tons of work. It’s okay, it’ll understand.

And remember, if you look deep, like deep down inside yourself, and you will still want to kill your boss…Oh, wait! Okay, just call the emergency number.


By Yara Tarek