It feels like we haven’t had a long weekend for a while, and we want you to take advantage of this opportunity. Don’t you just love it when the weekend starts on Wednesday night? Finally, some time to drink your morning coffee in peace and party all night with no worries of tomorrow’s troubles. If you are not going away this weekend, you will definitely thank us for this week’s list.


Autostrad at El Sawy Culturewheel (7/10/2021)

Giving you two chances to witness their Indie greatness, Autostrad will be performing live twice this weekend. On the 6th and 7th of October, the famous Jordanian band will be taking over the stage. Tickets are 200 LE, and you can book your Wednesday ticket by clicking here, and Thursday, click here.

Umm Kulthum at El Sawy Culturewheel (7/10/2021)

Watching adults and kids bond over “Inta Omry” and “Fakarouni” is one of the most heartwarming scenes since Disney’s Coco. If you know someone who is obsessed with Umm Kulthum, this is your chance to give them this one-of-a-kind experience. Book yourself and your loved ones spots by clicking here.

Black Theama at El Sawy Culturewheel (9/10/2021)

This Saturday, the band we grew up listening to and singing along with has yet another fun concert. Their lively presence on stage with the view of the Nile Hall will definitely put you in the right mood. Tickets are 140 LE, and you can buy yours now by clicking here or visiting the box office.

Night Life:

DJ DoggyDogg & DJ Mobbz at The Tap West (7/10/2021)

A night of pop music straight from the good ol’ ‘80s and ‘90s hits, with none other than DJ DoggyDogg and DJ Mobbz. The fire duo will keep you on your feet, but for all the right reasons. So dance this Thursday night away by calling: 0106 0000 867 for reservations.

Soda Lake, Amro & The Big Bang Boogie at Cairo Jazz Club (7/10/2021)

Taking over Cairo Jazz Club’s stage for the very first time is RnB tribute band, Soda Lake. The trio will help you experience music with an uplifting twist. Amr & The Big Bang Boogie will be responsible for keeping the rest of the night just as lively with groovy funk and party hits. For reservations, send Cairo Jazz Club a Facebook message from between 12–8 pm.

Algopack & Omar Sherif at Cairo Jazz Club 610 (7/10/2021)

Will you be able to resist the urge to dance all night? We highly doubt that’s possible with the sibling duo, Algopack’s upbeat mixes. Omar Sherif will also be taking to the stage after the two brothers to continue the night with his electrifying tunes. For reservations, send Cairo Jazz Club 610 a Facebook message from 12–8 pm.

CairoGents at The Tap East (7/10/2021)

Cairo Gents, who made their name in no time among the local talent, will be playing your favourite jazz beats this Thursday at The Tap East. For reservations, call: 0106 0000 869

Motherfunkers at Cairo Jazz Club 610 (8/10/2021)

Another crowd favourite, Motherfunkers, will be once again entertaining the crowd of Cairo Jazz Club this Friday. The groovy music of pop hits guarantees an unforgettable night of busting moves and good vibes. For reservations, send Cairo Jazz Club 610 a Facebook message from 12–8 pm.

Da Boogiz at The Tap East (8/10/2021)

Da Boogiz will certainly make you want to boogie all night with their disco music. Catch them this Friday by making your reservations now. Call: 01060000869

Hassan El Far & Amr Austin at Cairo Jazz Club (8/10/2021)

Taking the honour of playing on the first Closed Circuit event of the month, Amr Austin will be taking you on a hypnotising trip with his impressive talent. To ensure that your night is off to a perfect start, Cairo Jazz Club will have Hassan El Far on warm-up duty to get the party started. For reservations, send Cairo Jazz Club a Facebook message from 12–8 pm.

Workshops & Cultural Events:

Polymer Workshop at Titi Bookstore (8/10/2021)

Learn all the tips and tricks that can help you start your own small business with a 50% discount at Titi Bookstore this Friday. Know all the trendy polymer creations that you always stumble across on TikTok? Well, now you can finally make your own. For more information and reservations, call 01153455664 or visit their Facebook page.

Art Course at Child Museum (9/10/2021)

This Saturday, you can give your family a fun and educational time at the Child Museum. For only 400 LE, the museum offers an intensive art course for all ages starting from four years old. So make some memorable family time and let your kids bring you their masterpieces to hang on the fridge. Call: 27715246 or 01060988091 for reservations or visit their Facebook page.


Nile Corniche Ride (8/10/2021)

Get your bicycles oiled and ready for this weekend’s race. If you don’t own a bike, no worries, Pdal is sponsoring this event and can let you rent one for only 85 LE. Check the event on Facebook to get more information on the route.

Opera Running (8/10/2021)

If you don’t want this weekend just to be partying and concerts, you can join this free running event. Happening this Friday at 7 am, this race will get you ready to take on the rest of the weekend. The fun part about this is anyone can tag along. For more information, check the event on Facebook or call 01150300213.