Instragrammers can now up their game by adding music and songs to their stories. It almost feels like Instagram is conquering competition one by one. First, it was Snapchat (who refused to sell) and almost no one uses the app anymore. Now, it is 

So how do you make use of that feature? When sharing a new story, you’ll find a “music” logo that you can click on in order to add new audio clips and spice up your stories. Instagram has announced that it will continue to make more and more sounds, tunes, and audio clips available to its 400 million users.

You can select the music you’d like to add to your video before/after taking the video itself, and it will start playing as you shoot the video. You just need to tap the emoji on the top right corner, and you will find a music icon. Tap it and choose what you want to be playing in the background; they had it categorized in popular, moods and genres.

insta music

This comes as the second new feature Instagram has released in a short while. Not long ago, Instagram also launched IGTV: a feature which allows users to add videos that are longer than 10 seconds. Anyone can publish their videos on IGTV, which is set to feature vertical videos, instead of the wide horizontal ones we see on YouTube.

By Sherif Khairy