The Egyptian actress that’s been getting more screen time lately, Yasmine Sabri, misunderstood humour as she offended people diagnosed with down syndrome. As Sabri posted a picture of herself rocking a yoga pose, a follower commented saying “I used to do this pose when I was 6.” The actress then “sarcastically” replied, “Maybe that’s why you’ve been diagnosed with down syndrome.”


People opened fire on the actress telling her how racist and disrespectful she’s being. Not just that, a beautiful girl with down syndrome made a video in response to the shameful act. “This is impolite and I am really mad at you because you’re making fun of us,” the girl said, melting our hearts. “We’re not mentally disabled, we’re capable of understanding,” she added.

Following the hurtful comment, Amal Mabdy, Head of the Athletic Union for the Special Needs, also said that the actress should apologise immediately. Shortly after, Yasmine apologised on Twitter, saying “My apologies to everyone I have offended, I didn’t mean to.”

Then, on the same day, she wrote again, “Dear Four Biscuits, you are the only reason I’m writing this tweet. And not for anyone else. The person I was talking to is my brother. And I’m a person that’s about love and peacefulness on this earth. My intentions are clear. I meant no harm. I send you my love and respect”.

She apologised one more time afterwards, saying how much she loves and respects people with down syndrome and that she’s sorry for any hurtful comment.


By Yara Tarek