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With the current Coronavirus situation and the country’s attempts to flatten the pandemic curve, many people have ended up working from home. But can working from the comfort of your home affect your productivity level? Not if you follow these tips!

#1 Get ready like you usually do

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Working in your PJs surely makes you feel like a bada** and all, but that’s when you work from home for one day. Doing so for extended periods could mean laziness might take over, and that’s why you need to wake up every day and get ready like you usually do. Take a shower, wear your work clothes, and head to work (at home).

#2 Set up a workspace at home

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Just like working in your PJs isn’t the best idea, the same goes for working in bed. If you have a desk at home, that’s great. If not, settling for your dining table isn’t a bad idea at all. Add a coaster, a notebook, some sticky notes, a pen, or even a plant if it’ll make you feel “at work”. 

#3 Follow your daily routine

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There are certain triggers that’ll help your brain quickly adapt to working from home. So, if you’re used to having your morning coffee as soon as you arrive at the office, do that once you get ready. Do you have a lunch break every day at the same time? Stick to that as well. 

#4 Make a check-list

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Create a to-do list of the tasks you need to get done and follow it. Don’t let the fact that you’re staying at home change anything. 

#5 Don’t forget to take breaks

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Working at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a break and unplug for a bit. Take breaks and time yourself just like you always do on a normal working day at the office.

Stay productive, stay home, and stay safe!