We’re really excited about the AFCON’s first match on Friday, 21st of June, where Egypt will be playing against Zimbabwe. Get your full cheering kit ready; the Egyptian flag, the national team jersey, and a new set of face paint. And of course, get ready for some car honking and fireworks in case we win, or even if we don’t; Egyptians go out and celebrate anyway.

That takes us to a very important point: where will we watch the matches? We all love watching the game with an enthusiastic crowd, sharing a comment here and there with everyone. You know what they say, “happiness is only real when shared”. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of hangout spots around Cairo where you can cheer for the Egyptian team with your family and friends.

Eat & Barrel




Now you can watch the matches while enjoying the breathtaking Nile view. For reservations, call 0101 649 6999.

Stage El Zamalek



This is definitely our favourite spot in Zamalek, thanks to its cosy atmosphere that will make you feel like home. You can reserve your spot now by calling 01154813666.

Cairo Festival City Mall



CFCM has always been our go-to, thanks to its stadium-like spot that gives us the feeling that we’re in the heart of the game. That’s the perfect excuse to make us cheer even harder.

Yellow Umbrella

 yellow umbrella


Artsy, cosy vibes, yet a perfect spot to chill with your friends while watching the match. Entrance fee is EGP 40. Send a message to reserve your place!

The Tap

  the taps


All three branches are airing the AFCON matches. It’s a perfect excuse to crack a cold one with the boys while digging in to a bucket of buffalo wings. For reservations, send your requests to the required branch’s inbox. 

El Guezira Plaza




Enjoy the first match in the AFCON 2019 and cheer with your friends at El Guezira Plaza. For more info, call 02 37943417.

The District Mall



Don’t miss those memorable moments at The District Mall. Grab your buddies and go cheer for Mo Salah.

Concord Plaza




You can also experience a one-of-a-kind game atmosphere at Concord Plaza.

Cairo Jazz Club


Get ready for a memorable Match night at CJC's special African table, while listening to the best tunes by DJ Phisics.

We will keep you updated with more places soon. So, stay tuned.


By Yara Tarek