Congratulations, ladies and gents, today is a great day for our great nation. The Arab Republic of Egypt just took a step towards human rights, liberty, and just basic humanity! You've probably heard rumblings about it on social media, well, as per usual we’ve got the scoop for your cherished gossip-loving ears!  

A marketing agency by the name of Shark and Shrimp made public a slight adjustment in their female employees’ contracts. A change that grants every working female days off work if their menstrual cycle is turning out to be too much pain to handle.

contract period

Of course, news like this wouldn’t go by unopposed, given its controversial nature and the fact that it’s breaking taboos just by talking about menstrual cycles. Periods and uteruses aren’t popular public topics that people would normally talk about.


Lots of what if-ers, protestors, and supporters have been voicing their opinions since the agency’s decision was made public.

In the end, it is definitely a first in Egypt!  


By Dina Khafagy